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Add a banner image to your page

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The Simple Banner component allows web authors to display a banner with a single image and options such as a caption, text, and link on a web page.

Other Simple Banner Features

  • Banner Source
  • Crop
  • Image title
  • Text
  • Caption color
  • Caption position
  • Text Width
  • Breaking News Text
  • Link to
  • Link text

Dialog explained

Banner Source

Choose to create a banner manually or select to get one from another page.


To crop the image, select Crop and then under Image crop tools click the down arrow to expand. Under Free Crop select the Aspect Ratio to use.

Image Title

Enter an Image title for accessibility requirements.


Enter text that will display with the image.

Caption color

Select a Caption Color from the options.

Caption position

Select a Position for the placement of the caption.

  • Bottom Right - Default
  • Bottom Left
  • Top Right
  • Top Left

Text Width

Select a Text Width.

Breaking News Text

Enter text for Breaking News if relevant.

Link to

If adding a link to an external source, follow the proper format. If adding a link to an existing page, click the magnifying glass and select a path to the page.

Link Text

Enter text for the link.

Example pages