AEM Training Resources

Video tutorials, 'how-to' documentation, guidelines and demos

Comprehensive Curriculums

Online Training

Full curriculum on using the AEM platform to build and deploy websites. Required for editing access. 

Touch Transition

Video curriculum, guides and sandbox space for current authors to get up to speed on the new Touch UI.

Specialized Topics

Component Help

Encyclopedia of short video tutorials and documentation on how to use specific AEM components.

Learning Design Catalog

Reference catalog of designs to see and learn how to create clean, effective user-centric pages in AEM.

Image Components

How to effectively implement the various AEM image components by themselves and together.

Pocket Reference

Step-by-step, comprehensive documentation that guides you through common AEM tasks, tricks and trip-ups.

Files on BOX & AEM

Short video tutorials and documentation on how to set up website links to files stored in BOX.  

Guidance & Best Practices

Video Platform Guide

Understand your video hosting options and how they relate to your content.

Social Media Guide

Understand the processes and regulations to deploying successful social media channels.

SEO & Accessibility

Optimize your content for search engine visibility and user accessibility. 

Site Optimization Resources

Stanford Office of Digital Accessibility

Offers a variety of accessibility testing tools to help identify potential accessibility issues on your website.

Stanford Usability Training

Address usability in your website. Learn how to spot issues, and incorporate experience design methods.

Drop-in Support Sessions