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The Text & Image component is used to display complimentary text and images together. The text can appear on the left or the right and the image sized to be a specific percentage of width in the component. You can drag an image from the Content Finder or upload one from your desktop. Rich text can be added through the built-in rich text editor in the component. Additionally, you can add a link field and link text to a full article or external source.

Other Text and Image Features

  • Image selection
  • Image title
  • Text
  • Image position and width
  • Hyperlink
  • Link text
  • Link icon
  • Link position

Dialog explained

Image selection

Drag an image from the Content Finder or upload from your PC. You can crop the image, rotate it, or clear the selection.

Image title

Add an image title (required) for accessibility and screen readers.


Enter text in the text box.

Image position and width

Choose the image position and image width.


Choose a link to existing content on your website using the magnifying glass.

Link text

Type custom Link Text to display or leave blank.

Link icon

Select an Icon from the dropdown to display with the Link Text.

Link position

Select the Position of the link.