The Metabolic Health Center, Maternal and Child Health aims to improve the metabolic health of every child born or admitted at Stanford


Our research will improve metabolic disease prediction, prevention, and treatment for neonates and children. We are gaining novel insights into health and diseaseby studying three areas: maternal, neonate, and child health

Our aim is to develop therapies that will cure disease through prevention.”

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March 22 2024

Featured Publications

Integrated Trajectories of the Maternal Metabolome, Proteome, and Immunome Predict Labor Onset

Ina A. Stelzer, Mohammad S. Ghaemi, Xiaoyuan Han, Kazuo Ando, Julien J. Hédou, et al.

Science Translational Medicine , May 2021

Current methods to predict spontaneous labor are fairly inaccurate. A model was constructed to predict time to labor independent of gestational age, and may be helpful for development of more accurate methods to predict labor.

Multiomics Characterization of Preterm Birth in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Fyezah Jehan, MBBS; Sunil Sazawal, PhD, Abdullah H. Baqui, MD PhD; Muhammad Imran Nisar, MBBS; Usha Dhingra, MCA, et al

JAMA Network Open, March 2020

Results of this study suggest that most PTBs can be predicted using blood and urine samples collected early in the pregnancy, providing opportunities for interventions.