Easy, Secure Internal Collaboration

Wikis are collaboration tools that are built for simple, yet powerful web-based documentation and knowledge management needs. Non technical users can create effective spaces to work as a team.

Choosing Medwiki

Unlike AEM, MedWiki is an internal space for team content – an intranet of sorts. Wiki's provide teams with one place to share, find and collaborate on content, develop documentation, discuss ideas, define requirements, report on projects, publish docs, and much more.

Primary Administrators

It's a simple request to become the primary administrator of a MedWiki space. First, just be sure to review the responsibilities including understanding the HIPAA and privacy requirements, managing new users and how to build and administer a space.

User Access

A SUNet ID and membership to the appropriate Stanford Workgroup is all a team member needs to access or edit your MedWiki space. Contributors must also understand the privacy requirements and should be oriented personally or through the basic training.

Take the Tour!

The video below was produced by Atlassian, makers of Confluence, and shows a generic wiki. You will, however, still see all the features available to you on MedWiki.

Ask for Help

Call the Help Desk: 650-723-7192