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    New Page Properties Component

    With this update, page properties can now be updated directly from the page as well as via the standard properties panel. Available on the top of every page, this new component not only saves time, but enables the ability to add and crop page images using the standard authoring experience. Immediately see if your pages lack descriptions (an important SEO and accessibility field) and fix it.

  • – Digital Services

    Upload Assets from the Page

    To help bridge the gap between page authoring and the DAM, a new 'Upload' button has been added to the Asset Side Panel that opens your site-specific DAM folder. It aims to save you some time and frustration, especially if you manage multiple sites.

  • – Digital Services

    A New Modern Heading

    To fill out our font catalog, the 'Modern' variant has been reintroduced as a center-aligned, sans serif option to compliment the 'Simple' left-aligned font. Similar in impact to the 'Feature' font, use 'Modern' strategically to introduce major topics such as page titles. Remember to be consistent in your font usage across your site.

  • – Digital Services

    Image Components Guide

    AEM has several image components available to you. This new focus article outlines when to use what, and how they can be used together effectively. You’ll also find some of their special features and other tips on how to get the most out of our catalog of image components..

Web Author Support Sessions

 New to AEM: Requirements

Active SUNet ID

The SUNet ID is an account name that identifies you, uniquely and permanently, as a member of the Stanford community.

Setup Stanford VPN

Stanford VPN client is required to connect to AEM. You must select the 'Full Traffic non-split-tunnel' group option when connecting. If you use Cardinal Key you may select 'CardinalKey-FullTraffic'.

Complete AEM Training

A one-time training is required. First, request an AEM starter account for access to the AEM training environment, then enroll in the online course.

  1. Request AEM account
  2. Take AEM online course

Gain Site Access

After training you may request access to an existing AEM website, or request a new site be created. Note: Access requires written approval from the designated site/business owner. Please be sure to attach the written approval to the access request form. Alternatively, you can have the owner submit the request for you.  Only School of Medicine affiliates may request a new site.

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