Pre Launch Checklist

Items to review before making your site live

Below you'll find a list of items for you to review before requesting your site be made live.  These may seem like simple items but they are important to ensure your site is consistent with format and quality expected of a Stanford School of Medicine web site.  

Must have before launch:

  • One homepage - Make sure you have set up your top level as the home page  for your site and that all other pages are arranged  hierachically beneath it.
  • No PHI - Ensure there is no Protected Health Information being provided through the site
  • The Masthead
    • Make sure your site name is in the masthead.  
    • Make sure you site name is linked correctly to your homepage.
    • Remove any unused Social Media Icons still in the masthead.
  • Sample pages/unfinished pages - These pages should not be activated.  Also be sure to "hide" these pages from navigation.
  • No empty content areas - Do not release or publish pages with placeholder or empty content areas.  For example: having a heading, but no text.  No "TBD", "Coming Soon", or "Under Construction pages"
  • No sample/placeholder content - Remove any sample content that came with your template pages.
  • Spelling - Yes, you should review your spelling before making the site live.
  • Everest only site - default heading hasn't been changed in the red title block


May launch, but should be corrected as soon as possible:

  • Missing homepage banner - One isn't required but it helps create an attractive homepage that is set apart from the rest of your site
  • Missing alt tags - All images should have useful, descriptive alt tags
  • Misused headings - Each page should have only one H1 tag.  Headings should follow basic outline style. Headings should not be used to "style" text.
  • Images - Follow our basic image specifications. Avoid using low resolution, or poorly cropped/formatted images. 
  • Copyright - Ensure your images comply with accepted copyright standards. Failing to do so exposes your department to legal liability. 
  • Formatting - Be consistent within a page or among different pages (for example: don't use different styles of feature box on the same page or different styles headings)
  • Mobile - Check to see how the site looks for both mobile or a tablet
  • Page Properties - Check page titles, sub-titles etc.
  • Structural elements - Be sure you are appropriately using items like accordions or tabs
  • Clean up - Remove empty or blank components


* TDS will look for these same items prior to launching your site.  Please submit a help ticket requesting a review and launch of your site at least a week in advance of any planned launch date.  Catching all of the above items this can help speed up our review process.  

Ask for Help

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