Twitter Timeline

A component that lets you embed a Twitter feed on your page



The Twitter Timeline component provides an easy way to embed a dynamic twitter feed. The feed can be setup as a user feed, list feed, or you can copy in a custom widget from your account. To setup a custom widget in your account, navigate to

Twitter Feed Features

  • Three ways to embed a feed
  • Live updates
  • Override three settings on the basic widget.

Dialog explained

Embed widget by...

You can choose from three methods to embed your feed.

  • Username - Add a username such as "SUMedicine". Do not add the @ symbol. This embeds all tweets from this user account.
  • List - Add a list owner's username and the list's name to embed all tweets from users in a public list.
  • Custom  Widget - Embed a custom widget that you have configured at This is an only way Twitter allows you to use hashtags and search terms to filter a widget.

Options Tab

The options only work on username and list filters. The custom widget has these options setup on the Twitter edit page for your widget.

Color Theme

Select from twitter standard color themes (light, dark) or the default Stanford colors.

Show replies?

Select this option to include all replies to the tweets in your feed

Custom Height

This option allows you to set a fixed height to override the default 600px. Enter integers between 100 and 1000 to set a pixel height for the feed.