The Feed component lets you embed an RSS feed from a 3rd party source on your page.

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The Feed component provides an easy way to embed a dynamic feed of content from another website or blog. A common use is for embedded blog entries from a WordPress site. Any RSS feed is compatible so if you find a feed source that helps your audience then give this a try.

Feed Features

  • Heading Text
  • 3 layouts to choose from
  • Limit the entries
  • Filter the entries with 1-3 filters

Dialog explained

Example of a feed component on a page

Feed Type

RSS is only current option. Use the default value

Feed URL

Input the URL of the Feed. Ends with .xml or .rss if displaying an RSS/Atom Feed.


An optional field that will add a formatted heading to the feed


The maximum number of entries for display. The default is 10, if left blank.


Select from Title with link, Title with excerpt, or Full Story. Title with link will display the hyperlinked title only. Title with excerpt will include a short teaser text below the title, if available. Full Story will display the full content of the feed entry.

Options Tab

Open Stories in new window?

Check this option to have the event details appear in a new browser tab or as a pop-up when a title is clicked.

Show date?

Check this to include date for each feed entry

Show default heading?

If you have not entered a heading you can optionally use the heading sent with the feed.


You can add up to three filters to refine what shows up on your page.

  • Action - Use this option to hide feed content or show only the feed content matched by this filter
  • Field - Select the field by which you wish to filter
  • Content - Whatever you enter here will be used to search in the field you selected above

If you set up more than one filter. The end result will be the combination of all the filters. In other words, the result will match filter 1 AND filter 2 AND filter 3.