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All Stanford Medicine users with a SUNetID have access.

Survey Integrations

The majority of Qualtrics training and education can be found within the Qualtrics knowledge base. Though our scope of service does not extend beyond administration, we do provide help where unique Stanford modifications have been made as listed to the right. For addition support building and distributing surveys please refer to Qualtrics directly.

Uniquely Stanford

  • AEM Embedding
  • Brand Styling
  • SUNet Authentication
  • User Data Capture

Quick How-Tos

Enabling Stanford Qualtrics integtrations

To embed a Qualtrics survey on a webpage, use the External iFrame component from the AEM Toolkit. The iFrame target will be the survey's URL, available once Response Collection is enabled. Once that is done, simply follow these steps.

  1. Click Distributions
  2. Click Anonymous Link
  3. Copy the generated URL