Anchor Menu

Create a page-specific navigation menu using anchors and the Heading component

Use an Anchor Menu to create a subset of navigation specifically for the page being visited. A list of links is created from heading-enabled components – click a link and the user is brought to that point on the page. 


  • Automatic heading detection
  • Anchor Link Title
  • Mobile view (when used with correct Panel Builder layout)

Pro Tips

  • Good for long pages of information
  • Place the Anchor Menu component in a Panel Builder layout: "2 Column (jump Link Styles)" .– this makes the menu mobile-ready
  • Alternately, color the panel background differently so the menu stands out
  • Add a heading such as "on this page" to give your menu context
  • Be consistent in the heading types enabled for anchors (i.e. H2s only)
  • Works with Heading component only, not headings within text editors

Visual Manual

Align left-column colors with right-column content

Input Fields

Configure the output

Note: Below are 3 different config. windows. For the Anchor Menu to function, the "Anchor Option" (A) must be enabled on desired heading components. The Anchor Menu detects this toggle and automatically makes entries.

Output Key

Displays the input fields