Google Sheets

The Google Sheets component allows authors to publish data from Google Sheets directly into AEM.


The Google Sheets component allows you to publish Google Sheets on your website. 

Google Sheets Features

  • Automatic updates: Edits to the Google Sheet are reflected on your website without reactivating the web page
  • Choose which columns in the sheet should appear on your website
  • Rapid sheet search: An embedded search field enables users to find information very fast
  • Sortable columns
  • Optional 'full screen' mode expands your sheet to full screen for easier viewing
  • Option for user to save sheet / sheet search results in excel or PDF
  • Non-AEM web authors may update the Google Sheet

Submit a help ticket to:

  • Include hyperlinks in your Google Sheet
  • Change the default number of rows displayed

Google Sheet Component Instructions

The Google Sheets component must be configured carefully. Follow instructions closely. 

  1. Publish your Google Sheet to the web. You will find this option under the 'file' tab of your Google Sheet.
  2. Add the Google Sheets component to your webpage. It is located under the 'Site Building' category in the toolkit.
  3. Configure the Google Sheets component using information found on your Google Sheets
  4. Check the 'Sharing' settings on your Google Sheet to confirm it is set to 'anyone with the link can view' 

Step 1: Publish the Google Sheet to the web

Note: If a Google Sheet contains multiple sheets, only the first one will be published on your website.

  1. Click on the 'file' tab of the Google Sheet you wish to share on your website
  2. Select the option 'Publish to the web'
  1. In the dropdown under the 'Link' option select the name of the first sheet in your Google Sheet.
  2. Click the 'publish' button
  3. Under 'Published content and settings' leave 'automatically republish when changes are made' checked. 
  4. If you are presented with an option to require viewers to sign in with a SUnet ID to view the sheet, leave it unchecked. 

Step 2: Configure the Google Sheets Component

Key of the Google Spreadsheet
You will find the key in the Google Sheet's url. The key is the combination of numbers and letters found between the 'd' and 'edit' in the url. You will find the url in your browser bar. In the example below the key is highlighted in bold text.

Sheet Name
Enter the name of the sheet you are displaying. The sheet name is in the tab at the bottom of your Google Sheet.

Table Header
Enter the exact text contained in the header of each column you want to publish. Separate column header names with a semicolon. Do not use any spaces.

Additional Options
If you would like site visitors to have the option to print or download the sheet / search results from the sheet, check these options here. 

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