Learning Design Catalog

Beyond how-to build — learn what makes good sites 'work' for users

Web Design is a creative science. Developing a site with meaningful content presented on well structured pages requires a thoughtful approach. Content can be messy - there is often either too much or too little, and it evolves over time. 

This design caralog includes an Everest and McKinley site with practical page layouts that support a range of content. In addition to sample layouts, these sites contain decision trees to guide you toward the ideal designs for your situation and audience.

While no design fits all sizes, the sample layouts within the catalog represent best practices and standards to help you create a standout Stanford Medicine website. Whether you are building a new site or editing an existing site, we invite you to explore the sites for guidance and inspiration. 

What's in it...

Designs for Content Types

  • Dozens of cleanly designed samples
  • General  |  Homepages  |  People Pages
  • Choice of theme variants: McKinley or Everest

Content Decision Trees

  • Guides to appropriate designs based on situation
  • User personas: Audience, what they want and what you want them to do

Inline Instructions

  • Design best practices written into the page
  • In-depth on Panel Builders
  • Links to components used to make page
  • Links to other well designed pages