Touch UI is Here!

Welcome to the new AEM user interface (UI) known as Touch — a major update that modernizes and simplifies the web-building experience.  Use this page as a launchpad to answer common questions, resolve known issues, and to reach additional training and support. 

Known Issues & Fixes

The following issues have been identified and resolutions are underway. Where noted, you may temporarily switch back to Classic UI to address the issues.  See this page (step 4) for how to perform a temporary UI switch. 

Past Events showing as blank page

  • Event pages with past dates do not display when opened in production.
  • Estimated Resolution: TBD
  • Workaround: Edit the event Event Builder component (no need to change values) and confirm. Then republish the page.

Media Gallery

  • Media Gallery component has been deprecated and does not function in Touch UI.  As an alternate we recommend using a Carousel, adding Images within each slide. Only one Carousel per page.
  • Estimated Resolution: TBD. For existing Media Galleries you may edit by switching to Classic UI.

Manage Publications

  • Using Manage Publications to publish/unpublish multiple items at once does not function.
  • Estimated Resolution: TBD (In an upcoming fix from Adobe)

Locked Pages

  • Pages that have been locked in Classic cannot be unlocked using Touch.
  • Estimated Resolution: TBD

Timewarp Feature

  • The timewarp mode while page editing causes errors. This did not work in Classic UI either.
  • Estimated Resolution: To be deprecated. Use version contol instead

Frequently Asked Questions

Existing authors should start with the Transition Site, and use the Pocket Reference and Component Encyclopedia for more specifics. New authors start with the Full Course. 

Ask for Help

  Help Desk: 650-725-8000