Preparation for Getting an AEM Website

What you need to do

AEM is a rich toolset that puts flexible publishing into the hands of communicators, marketings, and staff without needing IT help. Below are resources to help you get started working with AEM.

I want a site on AEM. What do I do first?

Whether you are a new web author or an existing one, if you do not have a site currently on AEM or do and need access, there are some things you need to do first before getting access or a site. We offer an online training class for AEM and once successfully completed you can request access to an existing site or request a site be created. A few questions to ask first:

  1. Are you part of Stanford Medicine?
  2. If you have an existing site, is it hosted on the Stanford Medicine or Stanford Hospital servers?
  3. Do you have a dedicated web author who will make content changes to the site?

AEM for Stanford Medicine

Stanford Medicine and Stanford Hospital each have their own instances of AEM. Sites hosted on Stanford Medicine are department, center, institute, research, and labs sites specifically addressing non-patient or hospital information. Stanford Hospital hosts patient and hospital care and information sites. 

If you have a site currently, do you know who hosts it? Stanford Medicine sites are on Your site URL may be in the "" format and still hosted on Stanford Medicine. Stanford Hosptial hosts sites on

Take the AEM Online Training Class

First obtain an AEM training account to fully engage with the online training course.

When Can I Build a Site in AEM?

Right now! All you need to do is request a new site and attend training.