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Below are the three core components of the website. Click on the images below or tabs above to see more.

The Essentials

What Do I Need to Know About Vaping?

Rapid and brief delivery of the most critical information needed to secure your knowledge about vaping

The Clinical Encounter

What Do I Tell My Patients/Their Family?

Gain skills and receive tools you need for addressing vaping, prevention and intervention, in a clinical setting

Further Resources

What Else is There, for Me & My Patients?

Use this website as a launch pad into other key topics and resources related to vaping prevention and intervention



To provide adolescent & young adult health professionals with the following:

the most up-to-date and relevant information on vaping.

youth-friendly printouts for the clinical setting.

info to screen, counsel, and support young people who are using e-cigs/vapes. 

resources for young people ready to quit and families wanting to support them.

Quick Background

The Vaping Information, Solutions, and Interventions Toolkit (VISIT) was created for adolescent and young adult health professionals by a team of clinicians, educators, and researchers. Vaping among youth and young adults is a pressing issue affecting the health of young people.

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and research on vaping devices, products, flavors and health effects can be challenging, but using this Toolkit can accelerate the process of learning about this issue, screening and counseling your patients, and guiding them to the best treatment for nicotine and/or cannabis vaping dependence.