External News List

Create a news list from any source or sources


The External News List component allows you to create a list of news articles from any source or sources, including news websites, online magazines, Stanford websites, etc.  This is a great way to highlight recent coverage of your team or area of interest. IMPORTANT: Please note that it is not possible to automatically publish a news list created with this component on more than one website. If you wish to publish an external news list on multiple pages within the same website it would need to be created as a reference component.

There are two components that make up the external news list:

  • The external news list container, which holds all of your stories and applies your preferred styling
  • The external news list item, which is dragged into the container and used to add each individual news article to your list. 

External News List Features

  • Information meta data is automatically populated when author adds url of news article into the news list item component. This includes title, summary, photo if available, and original news source (ex: New York Times, National Geographic, etc.). All of this data may be edited by the author, or added if it is not available from the source. 
  • Multiple display options that can be configured using the following elements: news article source, photo, date, title and article summary
  • Pagination: display a fixed number of articles in your list while allowing user to access older stories

How To

Build a list

1) Under 'lists' in the toolkit find the external news list container component and drag it onto your page.

2) Click 'edit' and configure your list display options. You may also do this after you have added news articles to your container.

3) To add an article to the list,  drag the 'external news list article' component, which is also located under lists, into the external news list container. Click 'edit' on the component. Paste the url of the news article page you want to include in your list.

4) Click 'populate article data' to automatically populate the article's title, news source, image if available, and summary. You may also edit the content that is automatically populated.

Things to note:

  • News source: We recommend that the news source of the article remain visible as it gives proper credit to the source and serves as an indicator to your end user that they may leave your site if they click the link.
  • Date: Note that the date of the article will default to the day the author adds it to the news list. This can be edited. News lists are published with the most recent article appearing first. You must be in 'preview' mode to see the list in the order it will appear when it is published. 
  • Photos: If an article has an available image it will be pulled into the image field in the external news article component. To change this image the author may select the 'custom image' tab at the top of the component and upload the image of their choice from the DAM. 
  • Description and tile: The author should check all content that is automatically populated and edit as necessary.
  • By default, articles will open in a new window
  • External news list cannot be published across multiple sites or pages. Each news list must be built individually

List Display Options

You may choose to present your news list in several different ways. These are called display options and their purpose is to provide you with design flexibility. Each display option includes one or more of the following elements:

  • News article original source
  • Article title
  • Article Intro / Teaser
  • Date
  • Image

Horizontal Layout: 33/66 (default)

Horizontal Layout: 15/85

Horizontal Layout: 50/50

Horizontal Layout: Stacked Vertically