MedOnboard Overview

MedOnboard is a tool to assist hiring departments with the onboarding process for incoming faculty. This application serves as the formal onboarding tool for faculty and facilitates communications between incoming faculty, hiring departments, and school/hospital functional units involved in onboarding. This tool should be used for Professoriate, Clinician Educator, and Instructor populations.

Initiating Onboarding Actions

The faculty onboarding process in MedOnboard should be initiated within the hiring department by the staff member responsible for onboarding new faculty. This happens:

For Professoriate: when the offer letter is approved by OAA and Faculty Compensation. (Varies by department)

For Clinician Educators and Instructors: when the department has determined that the candidate will be hired. 

MedOnboard Basic Process

  1. Hiring Departments initiate the faculty onboarding process with the Onboarding Request
  2. Onboarding faculty receives request to fill out the Questionnaire
  3. Applicable faculty information is sent to groups involved in onboarding
  4. Custom To-Do List is generated for onboarding faculty
  5. Administrative staff within each hiring department have access to a dashboard detailing where each of their incoming faculty member is within the process

Groups Set Up to Receive Information through MedOnboard

  • Epic Training (SHC and SCH)
  • Hiring Department
  • Offsite Clinics
  • Provider Enrollment
  • Research Management Group (RMG)
  • Risk Management
  • SHC and SCH Clinics
  • Stanford Compliance
  • Stanford Health Care Medical Staff Services Department (MSSD)
  • Stanford Medicine HR Cluster


  • MedOnboard is available to all departments in the School of Medicine. If your department does not have access, please contact
  • For questions about MedOnboard, please contact
  • For questions about specific onboarding processes (credentialing, benefits, etc.), please contact the appropriate department.