For the 2020-2021 match cycle, residents who match to Stanford ophthalmology (both traditional program and SOAR) are also required to complete a joint internship with Stanford general surgery beginning in July 2021. A separate ERAS application is not required; matched applicants are guaranteed a spot. However, they must register through NRMP and rank program code 1820440P4 in order to formally match into the Stanford "Surg Prelim/Ophthalmology" PGY-1 internship. This program is only available to matched Stanford ophthalmology residents and is mandatory. The PGY-1 curriculum beginning in July 2021 includes 4 months of ophthalmology, 1 month emergency medicine, 1 month ENT, 1 month plastic surgery, 1 month neurosurgery. The remaining months are general surgery rotations (including endocrine surgery, transplant surgery, colorectal surgery, pediatric surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, and/or surgical oncology). PGY-1 residents are given indirect ophthalmoscopes at the beginning of their PGY-1 year and participate in surgical wet lab curricula through the general surgery program as well as didactics, wet labs, and teambuilding activities through ophthalmology.  

(Note: We will be transitioning to an integrated internship beginning in the 2022-2023 match cycle).