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Stanford Surgery Unveils Safe and Supportive Pregnancy and Parental Leave Policy for Residents

The multi-page document delineates standard operating procedures across the timeline from preconception to postpartum and return to work for all residents regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, level of training, or sexual orientation.

The residency experience is more than clinical time, conferences, and studying. Stanford has a long tradition of placing a priority on resident well-being, and from the program director to the faculty to the staff of the Graduate Medical Education Office, a strong support network exists to help the transition to a new and challenging stage in life.

Life Outside Residency

No doubt the easiest way for residents to enjoy days off is to simply step out their door. The Bay Area is one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world, and as a true cross-section of so many cultures it offers an open and fascinating experience for everyone.

Stanford Hospital is located in Palo Alto , in the northern section of Santa Clara County , 30 miles south of San Francisco and 15 miles north of San Jose . Santa Clara , where Kaiser Permanente and Santa Clara Valley Medical Centers are situated, is approximately 20 minutes southeast of Palo Alto . The facilities are located near the San Francisco Bay and have the beautifully developed Santa Cruz Mountains and Pacific Ocean to the west.

Beautiful, natural areas are found in all directions and are close enough to make perfect weekend retreats. To the north is Mendocino County with its rugged, romantic coast to explore and its many fine country inns. Also to the north, approximately two and one-half hours from Palo Alto , is the famous wine region of the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. A four-hour drive northeast will take you to Lake Tahoe with some of the most scenic ski resorts on the continent. Directly east is Yosemite National Park , with endless numbers of alpine trails and some of the most spectacular views in the National Parks system. Traveling south brings one to Carmel, the Monterey Peninsula and the gorgeous rolling hills and rocky coastline of Big Sur. It is no wonder this area is considered one of the most desirable places in the country to live.

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Residency Program Balance in Life

Founded by former general surgery residency program director Ralph Greco in 2011, our Balance in Life (BIL) program was established to address the physical, psychological, professional, and social wellbeing of general surgical residents at Stanford.  This program is the first of its kind in the nation and has, since its inception, been led by a committee of residents that includes representatives from each PG level.  BIL coordinates social events as well as annual team-building retreat for residents.  Retreats in recent years have included a ropes course, geo-caching exercises, and sailing on the San Francisco Bay.  Another mainstay of the program is participation in regularly-scheduled confidential group sessions for each PG class, which are facilitated by Lisa Post, a trained psychologist with expertise in working with high performance teams.  Additional information about our program can be obtained by contacting Perteek Gill-Mohar.

BILP Leadership

Monica Dua, MD, Balance in Life Program Director
Perteek Gill Mohar, Balance in Life Coordinator

Program Mission

"The mission of the Balance in Life program is to support and promote the physical, psychological, social, and professional wellbeing of General Surgery residents and to provide them with the tools they will need to successfully navigate life as a surgeon."

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Resident Housing

"The Bay Area," "Silicon Valley," and "Palo Alto" are all associated with the highest living expenses due to the climate, quality and variety of cultural activities, educational facilities, sports, dining and other entertainment opportunities. Recognizing the costs, there is a major effort to provide residents with appropriate housing allowances and assistance in finding a nice, convenient place to live. For additional information on housing, please visit our GME housing webpage.  

Stanford Community

Stanford Hospital lies adjacent to the undergraduate campus on a sprawling 8,180 acres of land owned by the university. The proximity between the undergraduate campus and all of Stanford's graduate schools has allowed for close association between the many world-class disciplines present here and continues to drive innovation in fields such as medical devices and technologies.