Stanford Ophthalmic Reading Center (STARC)


The STAnford ophthalmic Reading Center (STARC) was founded in January 2016 by Theodore Leng, MD, MS with two missions: (1) apply innovative imaging algorithms and identify unique imaging biomarkers to advance clinical trials and clinical research, and (2) participate in teleophthalmology solutions to screen for retinal disease in the primary care setting.

Currently, STARC has partnered with Steven Sanislo, MD on a unique trial to prevent the advancement of age-related macular degeneration by using a non-damaging laser treatment (NCT 02569892) and is collaborating with the Stanford Automated Teleophthalmology and Universal Screening (STATUS) Program at the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford to screen primary care patients for diabetic retinopathy.

The Byers Eye Institute at Stanford serves as the center of a Bay Area-wide network of fundus cameras stationed at affiliated primary care and endocrinology clinics. With this network, we have established the Remote Diabetic Eye Care Program designed to increase access to eye exams for patients with diabetes. STARC provides imaging reading services for this program.

Theodore Leng, MD, MS
Medical Director
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