Giving to Ophthalmic Innovation – Accelerating New Treatments for Eye Disease

Since eye disease and vision loss affect 285 million people worldwide and are rapidly on the rise, there is an urgent need for improved treatments and cures. Stanford Ophthalmology has a long history of groundbreaking discoveries and technologies, many of which have been commercialized and are now the standard of care for millions of patients. Philanthropy will help sustain ophthalmic innovation efforts, providing dependable funding for our faculty and fellows to pursue novel initiatives for the treatment of eye disease.

The Mark Blumenkranz Ophthalmic Innovation Endowed Fund

Support innovation by contributing to The Mark Blumenkranz Ophthalmic Innovation Endowed Fund. This fund was established in recognition of Mark Blumenkranz, MD, visionary founder of this program (and former chair of the Department of Ophthalmology), for his ongoing significant contributions to the whole field of ophthalmic innovation. Dr. Blumenkranz recognized that Stanford, with its location in the heart of Silicon Valley, along with its academic leadership in vision science, imaging, digital technologies and optical engineering, was uniquely positioned to be a leader in improving eye care for millions of patients.

Our goal is to raise $5 million in endowment funding for ophthalmic innovation. This will provide the necessary funds to sustain ophthalmic innovation efforts, including endowed fellowships, long into the future. Dependable funding is important since it allows for advanced planning and the pursuit of big ideas to solve the most pressing unmet needs in the treatment of eye disease.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on giving to the endowment fund or on how you can support ophthalmic innovation, please contact:
Melanie Erasmus
Senior Associate Director of Development
650.269.4251 |


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