Dr. Liao to star on live radio show

Joyce Liao, MD, PhD

Dr. Joyce Liao is the director of neuro-ophthalmology and associate professor of ophthalmology and neurology at Stanford University. She leads the Eye-Brain Lab, which focuses on the understanding and treatment of human conditions that lead to vision loss and degeneration of the eye-brain connections. She also directs the newly established Stanford Center for Optic Disc Drusen at the Byers Eye Institute, where a premier group of faculty investigate optic nerve damage, with hopes to protect and restore vision in patients with this condition.

“Eye-brain issues occur in the majority of astronauts in space, and these changes are the most critical health reasons humans cannot tolerate long term deployment such as mission to Mars or moon colonization,” Liao said. “To monitor these issues, noninvasive eye imaging is routinely done in space by astronauts. I will be discussing this important problem and research findings during The Space Show.”