Global Ophthalmology Program

Geoff Tabin, MD, is the Director of the Global Ophthalmology Fellowship

We offer a one-year post-graduate clinical training subspecialty in global medicine, certified through the Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology. Fellows spend two-thirds of the year working in Asia or Africa, alongside department faculty and the Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP). Geoff Tabin, MD, ophthalmology professor, serves as the director for this fellowship and he is the co-founder and chairman of HCP. Please visit for additional program information.



Reach out to our Fellowship Coordinator with questions or concerns.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that "approximately 12 million people 40 years and over in the United States have vision impairment, including 1 million who are blind, 3 million who have vision impairment after correction, and 8 million who have vision impairment due to uncorrected refractive error." Sometimes vision impairment can be corrected with glasses or contacts. As well, 90% of cases of blindness from diabetes are actually preventable.

In many parts of the world, access to appropriate vision care and supplies is not readily available. In response to this need, Stanford Ophthalmology has taken innovation in patient care beyond the local community and indeed outside the U.S. Two of the department’s most recent global outreach efforts include the Stanford Belize Vision Clinic (SBVC) and Dr. Geoff Tabin’s eye care service delivery model across South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Stanford Belize Vision Clinic

Department Contact: Ann Caroline Fisher, MD
· For more information on the Stanford Belize Vision Clinic, visit here

Alumna Carmel Mercado, MD, teaches a child how an eye doctor checks the patient’s vision.

A sign hangs outside the SBVC clinic advertising free vision check-ups.

Caroline Fisher, MD, who founded the Stanford Belize Vision Clinic.