Stanford Ophthalmology Flash Mob Celebrates 2020 Grads

The Byers Eye Institute at Stanford University School of Medicine spontaneously burst into dance to celebrate the graduating class of 2020. Congrats, grads, and thank you for your wonderful contributions to the department. We wish you the best in your future career endeavors!

Message from Angeline Nguyen:
2020 came at us with health and economic crises as well as tragic events that moved us to re-evaluate ourselves and call for a more just world. Throughout it all, I’m so grateful to have been training here at the Byers Eye Institute and Stanford Children’s Hospital, working alongside caring and passionate physicians who have shown me how to be resilient, creative, and energized in facing challenges to safely care for patients. Thank you to the residents, co-fellows, attendings, and clinical and surgical staff whose positivity made me look forward to going to work every day. I’d like to give a huge shout out to Amanda Yonkers, our multi-talented orthoptist, for the choreography and editing of this flash mob video and to those who made it out to dance with us - including our chairman and multiple attendings’ kids (future superwomen)! You all truly embody the value of working hard for others while also prioritizing self care and community. I will miss all of you and will remember you so fondly! ❤️ - Angeline

Residents- Arthika Chandramohan, Cassie Ludwig, Angelica Ortiz, and Luo Luo Zheng
Fellows- Natalia Callaway, Dolly Chang, Emily Charlson, John Hinkle, Gurdeep Jhaj, Lakshmi Leishangthem, Ramsudha Narala, Angeline Nguyen, Gabriel Valerio, and Aaron Webel

Choreography: Amanda Yonkers

Camera crew and editing: Dolly Chang, Jeffrey Goldberg, Angeline Nguyen, Michael Wong, Amanda Yonkers

Dancers: Surbhi Bansal, Jill Beyers, Arthika Chandramohan, Diana Do, Caroline Fisher, Eliana Fisher, Isabel Goldberg, Jeffrey Goldberg, Jennie Ho, Andrea Kossler, Kenley Kossler, Kaelyn Kossler, Joyce Liao, Charles Lin, Sarah Lin, Lily Montague, Artis Montague, Angeline Nguyen, Huy Nguyen, Jong Park, Malini Pasricha, Andrea Shows, Ann Shue, Gabriel Valerio, Natacha Villegas, and Amanda Yonkers

Excited onlookers: Cecelia Raymundo, Nita Lad, Amanda Jimenez, Kaelyn Fisher, Emma Fisher, Rhea Nelson

Judgmental onlooker: Edward Manche