Stanford Ophthalmology research team selected for important study funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI)

Green fluorescent retinal ganglion cells transplanted into an adult rat retina integrate locally and send axons to the brain. Photo courtesy of: Praseeda Venugopalan, PhD.

The NEI is funding five research team studies focused on developing new models for eye diseases through the NEI’s Audacious Goals Initiative for Regenerative Medicine, and seeks to take innovative therapies from creation to clinic.

Jeffrey Goldberg, MD, professor and chair of ophthalmology, will co-direct a team with investigators from three other universities to study retinal ganglion cell replacement in glaucoma. Dr. Goldberg and his colleagues are using an animal model system to test how to develop and integrate new stem cell-derived retinal ganglion cells into the eye. If successful, the new model would be a critical step towards benefitting patients with glaucoma and other optic neuropathies.