Spanish-Speaking Patient Videos

At the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford University School of Medicine, we prioritize patients first. In collaboration with resident Dr. Natacha Villegas, we will be releasing a series of videos for our Spanish-speaking patients, explaining different eye diseases or conditions.

Get to know Natacha Villegas, MD

I grew up on an island in the Caribbean. I always dreamed of becoming a surgeon. When I came across ophthalmology, I found the perfect specialty match. The next step was to find the perfect training match. Stanford Ophthalmology, I describe, is a very collaborative and nurturing environment. I am very glad to be training in one of the best institutions in the world, with world renowned physician researchers that are also amazing teachers and mentors. Additionally, there is significant collaboration with innovators in Silicon Valley to continue to advance medicine. Natacha likes big cities, as I have lived in Houston and Chicago, but also enjoys the beach and outdoors activities, making the Bay Area a great place to live. Lastly, residents at Stanford are very team-oriented, they support each other and collaborate in making the program the best one possible in terms of training and wellness. My current career goal is to work in an institution that serves an underserved population, as well as engaging in global medicine projects.