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The Stanford Ophthalmology 2020 Annual Report, "Vision Matters: Connecting the World" highlights the department's recent news and accomplishments. 

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News Stories

  • Cataract surgery in infancy increases glaucoma risk

    Children who undergo cataract surgery as infants have a 22% risk of glaucoma 10 years later, whether or not they receive an intraocular lens implant.

  • Tele-Ophthalmology: Digital care in a digital world

    Traditionally, medical care has been delivered with the provider and patient in the same room at the same time.

  • The joy of giving sight

    While playing golf five years ago, Tom Harrington noticed he had difficulty seeing the golf flag. This was a first for him, so he scheduled a visit to see an ophthalmologist.

  • Advancing optic disc drusen research

    When Joyce Liao, MD, PhD, associate professor of ophthalmology and of neurology, came to Stanford in 2006, she began seeing patients with optic disc drusen (ODD), a condition that effects vision and the optic nerve, and was frustrated with how little she could offer them.

  • From mother to patient

    A year ago, Carolyn Miller noticed some sensitivity in her left eye, and her eyelid felt swollen.

  • Young patients receive sight restoring lenses

    Rosie Karon was only two weeks old when her mother noticed her left pupil was misshapen.


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