Project Baseline Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Dr. Joyce Liao serves as the ophthalmology ivestigator for Project Baseline.

Dr. Joyce Liao is the lead Stanford ophthalmology investigator for Project Baseline, a very important prospective population health study sponsored by Verily/Google, which just celebrated its one year anniversary of recruitment.

This ambitious population health study came about as the result of discussions among Drs. Sanjiv (Sam) Gambhir of Stanford, Robert Califf from Duke, and Andrew Conrad (then from Google X, now the chief executive officer of Verily Life Sciences).

Among the study sites (Stanford, Duke, and California Health and Longevity Institute), Stanford is leading the pack in subject recruitment, and our current goal is 1000 participants in the near future (total goal 10,000 participants over 5 years).  

In total, the subjects of this study have reported 35,000 symptoms and 5000 medical conditions, walked 772,000 metes (during the 6-minute walk test), squeezed 127,000 pounds (during the hand grip test), wore 2.5 million hours of study watch, given 69 gallons of blood, and logged 353,000 hours of sleep data! 

Dr. Joyce Liao served on the Stanford/Duke/Verily panel to develop the ophthalmic protocol for Project Baseline, and she has been in charge of eye data collection and interpretation at Stanford. In year one, the Stanford site has already collected thousands of eye data and images (fundus photography and optical coherence tomography). 

Below are links for more information about this study.  Recruitments are ongoing.

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Purpose. The Project Baseline study is the first initiative of Project Baseline, a broader effort designed to develop a well-defined reference, or "baseline," of good health as well as a rich data platform that may be used to better understand the transition from health to disease and identify additional risk factors for disease.