A Note From our Chair

Welcome to the Byers Eye Institute 2023 Annual Report. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it. 

The end of the year is a time for reflection that I look forward to. Each December, I am more proud than the last to reflect on the achievements of the faculty and staff at the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford.

Cover Story

The Paths to Clinical Care
Making patient care dynamic, accessible, and innovative


In medicine, new treatments generally start with an idea, go through a laboratory stage, and seek validation in human testing, a long and rigorous process before reaching their final destination in the clinic or the operating room, where those discoveries can improve patients’ lives.

In fact, at the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford, “from lab to clinic,” is practically a mantra among the innovative and award-winning researchers and doctors striving toward a shared goal of fighting blindness and preserving sight.

However, laboratory discoveries are just one of the ways the team is working to expand care and make the clinical experience more effective for patients, both across the Bay Area and around the world.

“We have faculty who are leading in clinical work, bringing new therapeutics and surgical approaches to patients, all with compassion and empathy and the attitude that the patient comes first,” said Jeffrey Goldberg, MD, PhD, the Blumenkranz Smead professor and chair of ophthalmology at the Byers Eye Institute. 


Research and Innovation

Precisely Yours
As precision health grows, patients benefit the most

Drug Discovery
Eye research with ripple effects across medicine

Improving Vision
Visual development and recovery after head injuries

Meet Dr. M.E. Hartnett
Michael F. Marmor, M.D., Professor in Retinal Science and Diseases

Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Game On
How our eyes are the key to understanding the brain and body

AI Revolution
Artificial intelligence is ushering in a new era of eye care

Patient Care and Philanthropy

Life, Uninterrupted
An ocular melanoma diagnosis with a happy ending

Sight Restored
Celebrating three years of restored vision

Giving Mission
When the next best thing to being a doctor is helping one

Why Give?
How philanthropy creates major impact

Education and Training

The Modern-Day Textbook
Ophthalmologists are turning to podcasts to teach and learn

Training the Next Generation
On a mission to find and support talented clinician-scientists

Selected Awards and Honors
Congratulations to our faculty and trainees

Meet and Greet
Meet our 2023 residents and fellows