Converged Communication Fee

The School of Medicine applies a Converged Communications/Technology fee as a percentage of salary expenses, currently 3%, excluding those salaries sourced to federal sponsored awards or service center PTAs.  The Converged Communications/Technology fee offsets the cost of the school’s Converged Communications and other technology services, which include phones, network management/support, IT systems and support, and other enterprise-wide platforms and services.

Application to PTAs

The telecommunications charge is applied to sponsored project and non-sponsored project PTAs administered through the School of Medicine only. It does not apply to these award types.

For non-government sponsored projects, RMG will calculate the 3% telecommunications rate on all salaries (faculty, staff, postdocs, students, and TBN positions) on the proposal budget. U.S. Government awards (federal, state and local government agencies) are exempt from telecommunications.  (Telecoms apply to foreign sponsors, including foreign governments). The amount will be included in the budget as a line item in the Other Expenses category as a "Telecommunications Charge".   If the non-government sponsor does not allow these charges, an alternate PTA will be required.  (Note: Service Centers and University Research Awards are also excluded from Telecommunications).

Departments may designate an Alternate PTA to pay the Converged Communications/ Technology fee for salary expenses on a particular award.  To designate, update, or correct an Alternate PTA for a -

  • Sponsored award - contact your OSR representative
  • Non-sponsored award - contact Fund Accounting

An OBI report is available to view Alternate PTAs that have been designated for Converged Communications/Technology charges to an award.