Converged Communication Fee


On 9/1/2012, the School of Medicine implemented a telecommunications/converged communication rate for distributing the desktop phone service costs to individual units/departments. This was in response to the university's announcement that they would no longer bill desktop phone service costs directly to individual units/departments through monthly detailed statements. Instead, the desktop phone service is now charged in a single lump sum to a SoM Dean's Office fund and the SoM distributes the desktop phone service costs back to individual units/departments through the charging of the telecommunications rate.

Application to PTAs

The telecommunications charge is applied to sponsored project and non-sponsored project PTAs administered through the School of Medicine only. It does not apply to these award types.

For non-federal sponsored projects, RMG will calculate the 3% telecommunications rate on all salaries (faculty, staff, postdocs, students, and TBN positions) included on the proposal budget.  The amount will be included in the budget as a line item in the Other Expenses category as a "Telecommunications Charge".

Directly charging Stanford desktop phone service costs to sponsored projects is no longer allowable in the School of Medicine.