Award Acceptance


In order to get your fellowship funds paid to you, the Institutional Representative must activate the award.  Contact the Institutional Representative as soon as you receive the notice of award from the funding agency. In some cases notifications are copied to the Institutional Representative but you should verify receipt in any case and confirm whether you are accepting the award or not and if you are accepting the award based on the conditions of the original award notice (i.e. dates).

Key points to look for in an award letter for activation:

  • Start and stop dates of the funding period
  • The dollar amount corresponding to the specific time period
  • Terms and conditions
  • Specific permission, if needed, to receive the fellowship as salary payments

Review (Compliance)

The award activation process involves verification of appointment status, visa status and animal and/or human subject protocols.  To make the activation process timely, please ensure that all applicable protocols are approved, conflict of interest disclosure is submitted and training is complete.


Conflict of Interest