Proposal Submission

All proposals for external funding must be routed through the Research Management Group (RMG) for review, approval, and submission.  RMG reviews for completeness and compliance and works with the PI to submit the application by the sponsor deadline. Depending on sponsor requirements, either RMG or the PI will submit applications via online portals. Please note, RMG does not photocopy or mail applications to sponsoring agencies.

Be sure to check with your Research Process Manager (RPM) for the appropriate submission method well in advance of the sponsor deadline.

Proposal Submission: Roles and Responsibilities

Department Responsibilities RMG’s Responsibilities Resources
Prepares and submits pre-application / letter of intent (LOI) RPM is involved when PI waiver is needed, when the sponsor requires a budget, or when the signature of an institutional official is needed.   
Identify Solicitation Number    
Prepares PI waiver and obtains Department Chair or Division Chief’s signature  RPM reviews PI waiver for completeness and coordinates signature of Associate Dean for Research  PI Eligibility and Waivers
Completes and approves Proposal Intake Form (PIF)  Intake Team reviews PIF for completeness and assigns to an RPM. 


Proposal Intake Form (PIF)

Initiates and completes entire application package  RPM works with PI to develop budget and completes budget form pages. RPM reviews justification for consistency with budget. 

NIH How to Apply: Application Guide

NIH How to Apply: Video Tutorials

Budget Development



Compliance Issues: RPM initiates and routes effort waivers and IDC waivers for approval.

RPM consults with CT RPM and Risk Management on the need to budget additional insurance for projects that involve research on human subjects that will be conducted in a foreign country.

Makes necessary corrections to application packet  RPM reviews grant application, identifies necessary corrections to PI / Department, signs and submits application to sponsor.