NIH Data Management & Sharing

Policy Effective January 25, 2023

The NIH has issued a new NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy to promote the sharing of scientific data. This DMS Policy applies to all NIH research, funded or conducted in whole or in part by NIH, that results in the generation of scientific data. 

Under the DMS policy, those qualifying proposals submitted after January 25, 2023 will be required to include a prospective plan for the managing and sharing of scientific data. NIH expects that investigators (1) plan and budget for (if applicable) for the managing and sharing of data, (2) submit a DMS plan for review when applying for funding, (3) and implement and comply with the approved DMS plan, which will become a Term and Condition of the NIH award.

There are a number of resources and presentations already developed to guide our investigators on this new policy.  This page is intended to provide a quick overview for pre-award research administrators.

More detailed guidance regarding the policy directed toward researchers and investigators including how to write and comply with Data Management Plans have been prepared by the Lane Library (see link below).

The DMS Policy applies to all research that generates scientific data, including:

  • Research Projects
  • Some Career Development Awards (Ks)
  • Small Business SBIR/STTR 
  • Research Centers

The DMS Policy does NOT apply to research that do not generate scientific data, including:

  • Training (T)
  • Fellowships (Fs)
  • Construction (C06)
  • Conference Grants (R13)
  • Resource (Gs)
  • Research-Related Infrastructure Programs (e.g., S06)

Be sure to check out NIH's complete list of NIH activity codes subject to the DMS Policy as well as your Funding Opportunity Announcement to determine if the DMS Policy applies to your application.

Lastly, Individual NIH Institutes, Centers, or Offices may have additional policies and expectations (see NIH Institute and Center Data Sharing Policies). NIH encourages Investigators to reach out to program officers with questions about specific Institute/Center requirements.

Resource Quick Links

Stanford Pre-Award Administrator Guidance

Need further assistance? Have questions regarding your DMS Plan? Please review the Lane Library Guide: Responding to the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy.


Last updated February 6, 2023