Subaward/Post-Award Management

Stanford is responsible for ensuring that sponsor funds, including those provided by Stanford to other entities via a Subaward, are spent in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.  The PrincipaI Investigator takes primary responsibility to monitor the programmatic progress and financial performance of each Subaward. The PI can share the responsibility with department administrators or other Stanford University employees; however, in no event should the PI delegate this responsibility to a non-Stanford employee.




  • Ensures that the Subaward objectives/scope of work is proceeding as planned and as described to the sponsor
  • Receives,  reviews and signs invoices:
    • Ensures all costs are allowable, and reasonable
    • Ensures all costs were incurred within the period  of performance of the Subaward
    • Confirms that expenses are aligned with Technical progress
    • Cost Sharing is appropriately reflected, if required
    • If acceptable, PI signs and dates invoice
    • Monitors Subrecipent’s adherence to terms and conditions.
  • Sends invoice to Accounts Payable for processing, or returns to Subrecipient for more details or for backup documentation
  • RMG is not involved in this process
  • Receives approved Subaward invoices from PI/Department, clarifies any necessary issues with PI/Department and sends payment to Subawardee
  • Acts as a primary resource for guidance on Subrecipient Monitoring