Detailed information about the subrecipient should be included in the proposal, if the proposal involves collaboration with investigators at other organizations. It takes time to gather required subaward documents. RMG strongly advises PIs to allot extra time for proposals involving subawards.


How to Distinguish Subaward, Consultant, Other Significant Contributor or Procurement Action



  • Communicates names of subaward PIs and/or institutional officials' contact information within the PIF in SeRA
  • Obtains proposal documents not collected by RMG, including but not limited to biosketches, resources information, letters of support
  • Obtains statement of work, detailed budget, justification, and Subrecipient Commitment Form (OSR Form 33) from each subrecipient institution
  • Provides budgetary guidelines to subrecipients and reviews subrecipients’ budget forms for consistency with the instructions and sponsor guidelines. Ensures that subaward budgets are correctly linked to the main budget