Proposal Development Routing Form (PDRF)

The Proposal Development and Routing Form (PDRF) is an online form in the Stanford Electronic Research Administration (SeRA) system that facilitates the administration of all facets of proposal tracing: routing, approval and submission. The Proposal Development Routing Form (PDRF) captures information necessary for proposal review and endorsement by Stanford University. The PDRF also documents the approvals required for the submission of a proposal.

The Principal Investigator’s approval of the PDRF provides certifications required by government agencies and confirms an agreement to comply with Stanford and sponsor policies.

Departmental approvals confirm financial commitments made in a proposal and that stated personnel and facilities are available to carry out the project. Other approvals may be required depending on policies, processes and case-specific circumstances.

PDRF Setup and Routing for Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials

  1. The Principal Investigator submits the required documents to CT RMG Intake.
  2. The Clinical Trial Research Process Manager Associate sets up the PDRF in the SeRA system and a SPO is generated.
  3. The SeRA record is assigned to the CT RPM who will manage budget development and negotiation.
  4. The Department/PI is notified that the study has been set up and assigned a SPO.
  5. After budget negotiation has been completed, the CT RPM will route the PDRF for Departemnt and PI approval.