Funding Increases

A Funding Increase may be needed if the receipts for the study are at or exceeding the funded amount in the SeRA (Stanford Electronic Research Administration) system.  This might occur if the number of invoiceable items charged to the account exceeds the original estimate, or more patients are enrolled than expected. The Funding Increase must not involve a change in scope or adding procedures or effort to the existing contract.  The Funding Increase is an internal accounting procedure and, therefore, sponsor approval is not required. In this situation, the department should request a Funding Increase to change the funded amount in SeRA to match the expected additional payments.

How to Request a Funding Increase

  1. Fill out the CT RMG Funding Increase Form
  2. Submit it to:

CT RMG checks the original Clinical Trial Agreement Budget to determine whether the Funding Increase can be processed as an administrative amendment.

If CT RMG determines that the funding increase requires sponsor approval, CT RMG will contact the sponsor to request additional funding. If the sponsor agrees, CT RMG will negotiate and sign an amendment to change the budget to reflect the additional charges. If the additional charges are a result of sponsor-requested additions to the scope of work, the department should send to CT RMG any documentation that it received from the sponsor requesting the additional effort and/or clinical services.

There is no guarantee that the sponsor will agree to the additional funding if it was not included in the original budget or a signed amendment.


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