What is a Sponsored Project?

Sponsored Projects are externally-funded activities in which a formal written agreement, i.e., a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement, is entered into by Stanford University and by the sponsor.  A sponsored project includes a specified statement of work, detailed budget, and sponsor terms and conditions that define requirements for financial accounting, technical and financial reporting, and disposition of data rights, publications and intellectual property.


What support does the Research Management Group provide?

Research Process Managers and Research Financial Compliance Manages are assigned to each department/division in the School of Medicine (see Department Assignments to identify) to provide the following support: Proposal Development and Submission and Postaward Oversight. 


Roles & Responsibilities

During the Life-Cycle of a Sponsored Project

Target Timeline and Best Practices

  • Begin budget dialog with your RPM at least 1 month before the sponsor’s deadline. 
  • If project involves collaborations with other universities, begin budget dialog 6 weeks before the sponsor’s deadline.
  • Proposal Intake Form (PIF) and administrative sections of the application are due 5 business days in advance of the sponsor due date.
  • Technical sections of the application and the fully approved PDRF are due 3 business days in advance of the sponsor’s due date.
  • NIH progress reports (RPPR): The budget (if needed), all personnel report, and the publication list should be provided 5 business days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline.

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