CTRU Pricing

The Clinical and Translational Research Services Unit (CTRU) is part of Spectrum (Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Education), which is a multidisciplinary organizational center, partially supported by the NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA).  It provides research focused, ambulatory care and laboratory services to adult and pediatric study subjects.  The CTRU offers bedside nursing, phlebotomy, dietary and laboratory specimen processing services in support of the Stanford research community. They work closely with the Stanford Biobank, where studies can utilized long term specimen storage.

Many clinical research teams use the CTRU facility because it can meet the protocol lab and nursing care requirements (i.e. defined blood draw time windows) that may not be feasible within a standard hospital setting.

Identifying CTRU costs can be complex and developing a CTRU services list requires adequate time. Please access the CTRU website for a full description of services available, study registration, and budget initiation. If using the CTRU Lab Services, submission of a protocol Lab Manual is required, if you don’t have a manual or it is still under development, please discuss this with the CTRU Lab Services Manager. Use the CTRU Workbook to determine fees for the CTRU services.  Refer to the CTRU Service Dictionary for pricing and a description of services offered.  The CTRU has a tiered price list for industry and non-industry sponsors.

NOTE:  The CTRU is not an accredited clinical care center.  It does not provide Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory tests nor does it provide standard of care services. There are very useful Reference Documents available on how to use CTRU clinical and Laboratory services.

Location of primary research clinic: 800 Welch Road, Palo Alto, walking distance to Stanford Hospital and Clinics and LPCH Addtional CTRU locations, and contact details are listed on the website.

How to prepare the CTRU study budget prior to working with RMG

When utilizing the CTRU facility, the CTRU study budget is one of the minimum documents required to set-up a new clinical trial.  For expedited study set-up, it is important that the study team start the CTRU budget set-up process as early as possible and before study documents are submitted to the CT RMG Intake Team.

Step 1
Please follow the CTRU submission process for the study.

  • Study budgets are currently developed utilizing the workbook linked from the CTRU submission process page.
  • When the workbook is completed, please use the link on the “Instructions for Use” tab to submit via email, with all other required documents (IRB approval, Study Protocol, Lab Manual etc.) to ctru_temp_studysubmission@lists.stanford.edu(Please do not make your submission with alternative workbooks).
  • The CTRU team estimates a 14 business day turnaround for review.

Step 2
When possible, complete the CTRU budget process before submitting study documents to CT RMG Intake Team so that the CT RPM can incorporate these costs into the study budget. This step is required prior to initiating the CT RMG expedited study set-up process.


  • Your CT RPM will finalize the study budget only after the CTRU cost estimate has been reviewed by the CTRU team.
  • For grant applications requiring extensive use of the CTRU, RMG recommends that you follow steps 1-2, or contact the CTRU directly to discuss.  Please attach the CTRU workbook to the Proposal Intake Form (PIF).  
  • Studies will be invoiced based on actual services performed, additional information can be found here.


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