Clinical Trial Closeout

The standard Study Closeout process begins when the sponsor confirms with the study team that all work on the clinical trial has been completed and the relationship between Stanford and the Sponsor on the project has ended.

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Post Award Team Accountant assigned to your department manages the Closeout process at Stanford and will provide the department award manager with a Checklist to Closeout a clinical trial.

No Cost Extension (NCX)

When a Stanford department receives an automated Closeout notice from OSR, but the Study has not yet ended or is not ready to Closeout, submit a NCX Central Office Request Form in the SeRA system.

Early Closeout

Most Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs) do not include a study end date, however, the SeRA (Stanford Electronic Research Administration) system requires an end date for all sponsored projects. When both the sponsor and study team agree that all work on the clinical trial, including all financial obligations, has been completed before the Award end date, the study team or department may request an Early Closeout by sending an email citing the study SPO number to the CT RMG Intake Team.  CT RMG will initiate an Early Closeout in SeRA and the assigned OSR Post Award Team Accountant will contact the department to facilitate the closeout process.