Proposal Intake Form (PIF)

The PI/Dept uses the Proposal Intake Form (PIF) to communicate all proposal submission requests to RMG (new, renewal, resubmission, supplements, etc.). The PIF also records the PI’s approval.

The RPM then uses the information from the PIF to develop a budget draft for the proposals, so be sure to include sufficient information in the PIF to get the proposal process started.





  • Completes and submits the PIF to RMG at least 30 days in advance of the sponsor due date
  • Discloses potential conflicts of interest on the PIF as required by Stanford's Conflict of Interest policy
  • Obtains clearance to submit to Clearance Restricted Foundations; forwards clearance to RMG
  • Reviews information in the PIF and communicates internal deadlines and requirements to PI/Dept (budget, PI waivers, Indirect Cost (IDC) waivers, PI effort waivers, etc.)
  • Verifies foundation clearance has been obtained if applicable

Proposal Preparation & Submission Timeline

Actions Prior to Due Date

30-90 Days

PI Submits Proposal Intake form (PIF) to RMG.


10-30 Days

PI works with RMG to finalize budget. PI prepares application.


5 Days

Internal deadline for PI Waivers, budget, & administrative sections


3 Days

Internal deadline for PDRF and final science/proposal


0-3 Days

RMG performs institutional review and submits to sponsor