Types of Kickoff Meetings

The purpose of a Kickoff Meeting is to bring Stanford faculty and research staff together to address pre-award questions/issues and to develop negotiation strategy related to a particular clinical trial.

Kickoff Meeting will be scheduled by CT RMG Intake Team after CT PDRF has been complete, and if applicable after an Initial Approved CA has been issued by Huron. It is recommended that the PI, Study Coordinator, Research Nurse, Financial Manager, Co-investigators, CT RPM and CT CO attend this meeting. The assigned CT RPM will decide what type of kickoff meeting is required.

A kickoff Meeting may not be required when a study budget and contract requires minimal negotiation or for compassionate use protocols.

There are two types of kickoff meetings:

Budget Development Kickoff Meeting

This type of meeting is held when the study team needs to discuss or address questions related to study logistics, the study budget & billing workbook, or the contract.  The primary focus of this meeting is to begin budget development, create a list of follow-up items for each person participating, and to address any contract concerns.  A follow-up meeting may be required to finalize a budget to send to the sponsor. 

Budget Finalization Kickoff Meeting

This type of meeting is held when the study team has worked through all study logistics before submitting study documents to CT RMG Intake.  When the department has provided a complete budget and billing workbook for the study, the CT RPM will provide an initial draft of the internal budget.  It is expected that budget development will be complete by the end of this meeting and the external budget will be approved shortly after to be sent to the sponsor. The primary focus of this meeting is to discuss negotiation strategies prior to sending the budget to the sponsor.