SeRA Award and Study Account Setup

All study accounts for sponsored projects are setup in the SeRA (Stanford electronic Research Administration) system.  After all regulatory approvals are met, the parties fully execute the contract and the institutional official approves the Proposal Development Routing Form (PDRF) in SeRA.  The Clinical Trial Contract Officer (CT CO) prepares and issues an Award Approval Notification (AAN) which initiates the Project Task Award (PTA) process and subsequent Notice of Award (NOA). Issuance of the NOA allows study activities to begin and costs to be charged to the PTA.

How to Set Up a SeRA Clinical Trial Account

When the SeRA system generates the AAN (Award Approval Notification), it also creates a parallel transaction for setting up the study account and automatically sends the account information to the department administrator. This account is also known as a PTA (Project Task Award).

The department administrator completes the PTA Setup transaction in SeRA.  The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) accountant receives the transaction and reviews the agreement and budget. The OSR accountant submits and baselines the budget in Oracle to complete the process.

Once the PTA manager completes the PTA Setup Transaction, the SeRA system distributes the NOA to the individuals listed in SeRA. The NOA content is similar to the AAN, however it will now include PTA details.