Our mission in education at Stanford Anesthesiology is to improve health care and patient outcomes by assessing and enhancing the quality of education in all our programs (community, college, medical school, residency, fellowships, and continuing education).  We aim to be internationally recognized as having premier, innovative, and learner-centered education programs that train the next generation of leaders in Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine. 

Educational Programs and Opportunities

Residency Training

The residency is set up so that when residents graduate, they are ready to practice independently. Alumni surveys consistently tell us that the program achieves this goal: According to the surveys, graduates feel well prepared to manage any case they encounter, no matter how complex or challenging.

Fellowship Opportunities

For physicians who have graduated from a residency program, Stanford’s Anesthesiology Department offers fellowships in many specialties, including different areas of research, various clinical specialties, global health, medical education, management of perioperative services.

Courses & Clerkships

Anesthesiology education at Stanford has a large footprint for students who can take a wide variety of courses and medical school clinical clerkships.

Please click on the link below to view offerings.

Advanced Clinical Experiences

An Advanced Clinical Experience (ACE) offered through the Department of Anesthesiology is designed for anesthesiologists seeking more experience in the listed subspecialties. ACE trainees are appointed as clinical instructors with the opportunity to gain experience in advanced clinical and educational settings.

Global Health

The Division of Global Health Equity aims to ensure equity in access to safe and effective perioperative care worldwide.  The division addresses disparities in access through its focus on medical education, public health awareness, research and publications, mentorship, and bi-directional collaborations; continuously striving to maintain high levels of ethical consideration.

Grand Rounds

We aspire to create a world-class Grand Rounds program that engages medical students, residents, fellows, and attendings. The sessions build community and disseminate the incredible work going on in our specialty both at Stanford and beyond. Please join us (click the link below for more information).