Winter 2020 | Issue 2

  • While there is no magical formula for deciding if a medical career is right for you, there are some core qualities that those in healthcare-related professions tend to share. We asked some of the faculty from Stanford's Clinical Science, Technology and Medicine Summer Internship, a program that aims to inspire compassionate careers in medicine, to share some of their insights.

  • Evidence framed my future

    When I decided to go to university after a brain injury, my family was concerned as I was vulnerable. They did not want me to be crushed by the unknown and by failure.

  • When "no" is not an option

    I’m a Hispanic American from a small suburb near Chicago. I was afraid there was no chance of me being accepted into the Stanford's Clinical Science, Technology and Medicine Summer Internship.

  • Making the right first impression

    For Rebecca Morris, MD, writing her personal statement for medical school was a particularly challenging part of the application process. Not only did she feel tentative about her writing skills, but she also considered herself shy and reserved.

Fall 2019 | Issue 1

  • As I reflect upon my rewarding career in clinical medicine and research, I attribute early mentorship to my personal and professional achievements. The advice I received from my peers led me to pursue extracurricular activities and teaching opportunities in high school, which then connected me to researchers at my local university.

  • Presenting my first research project

    I was ecstatic to present my first research experience at the 2019 International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare in Glasgow, Scotland. My experience as a SASI teaching assistant helped prepare me for the project.

  • Leave your legacy

    As our SASI alumni we hope you will consider paying it forward by contributing your time, effort and knowledge to help those who come after you benefit from what you have learned.

  • A world of change is in store

    As our SASI alumni we are proud of you and what you accomplished in our time together. SASI is doing even more and we wanted to update you. Many of you asked us what you could do after SASI and we have some ideas!…