The Stanford FARM Program

The goal of the Stanford Fellowship in Anesthesia Research and Medicine (or Stanford FARM Scholars) is to recruit applicants who want careers as researchers and academic anesthesiologists.  This Resident Research Career Development Award awards an additional unrestricted $10,000 department stipend (taxed either as income over the normal postgraduate year salary and paid during each academic year, or as a research budget, as decided by the FARM scholar) annually for each year the resident is in the FARM program. The FARM program requires a minimum of one research fellowship year in addition to the 3 years of traditional residency. Additional funding to support research costs during the fellowship year is available through the departmental small grants program after review by the department’s Research Committee.

Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of the great breadth of research training available at Stanford by seeking out faculty mentors and laboratories in any department in the medical school or university. The FARM Program Director, Dr. Rona Giffard, and Assistant Director, Dr. Vivianne Tawfik, will mentor the resident until a suitable PI/lab is found, which should occur by the end of the CA1 year. Ongoing outstanding clinical performance is required. The program structure is flexible, with several possible options, as outlined below. 

Options for Resident Research Career Development Pathway

Normal Residency Residency with 21 Months Lab Research Residency with 18 Months Lab Research Residency with 30 months Lab Research Clinical Research Track*(30 months for Masters and Research Time)
CA2 2 Months Research / CA2 CA2 6 Months Research / CA 2 3 Months Research / CA2
CA3 6 Months Research / CA3 6 Months Research / CA3 FAER Research Fellowship Grant 6 Months Research / CA3
  Instructor (80% Research) Instructor (80% Research) CA3 Masters of Science*
      Instructor (80% Research) Instructor (80% Research)

*The Stanford Clinical Research Training Program, funded in part by an NIH Clinical Research Curriculum Award (K30). The main component of the K30 is a training program in clinical research leading to a Master of Science (MS) degree in Clinical Epidemiology (


FARM Program Alumni

Dr. Vivianne Tawfik

Director for FARM Program

Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Dr. Brice Gaudilliere

Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Dr. Eric Sun

Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Glorilee Harper

Victoria Fahrenbach

Dr. Eric Gross

Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Dr. Boris Heifets

Instructor, Stanford University

Dr. Ankeet Udani

Assistant Professor, Duke University

Quentin Baca

Louise Wen