The Mentor

Larry Chu, MD, MS
Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine, Director, SASI

Meet your new virtual mentor

As I reflect upon my rewarding career in clinical medicine and research, I attribute early mentorship to my personal and professional achievements. The advice I received from my peers led me to pursue extracurricular activities and teaching opportunities in high school, which then connected me to researchers at my local university.

These invaluable experiences and relationships fostered my success in scientific inquiry at a young age. I found myself studying in a research laboratory as a freshman in college. Fortunately, my mentor cultivated my passion for medicine; he encouraged me to pursue a four-year combined bachelors and masters degree program. At the age of 19, I began my graduate studies. My career path from Stanford to NIH-funded researcher has flourished because of the generousity of many people–trusted counselors who guided me, had my best interests in mind, and helped me reach my greatest potential.

It is with this generous spirit that we are proud to launch our program newsletter, The Mentor. We aim to share stories, career wisdom, and professional advice in the health sciences among our friends and alumni. 

We plan for The Mentor to reflect the needs and interests of our pre-health science community of scholars along with the parents and community who support them. Content will be added on a quarterly basis. We invite anyone interested in a career in the health sciences to join us; engage with us by asking questions and reading The Mentor. The best way to participate is to subscribe to our newsletter

Yours in Mentorship,

Larry Chu, MD, MS
Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine
Director, SASI


I see mentorship at the earliest stages of my career as paramount to career achievement.

Larry Chu, MD
Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine