SASI Clinical Skills

Clinical Science, Technology and Medicine Summer Internship | A One-Week Clinical Odyssey: Unleash Your Potential in Healthcare

Program Overview

Explore a Focused Clinical Experience

Welcome to the SASI Clinical Skills Immersion, an intensive one-week program designed exclusively for high school and premedical students seeking a targeted and hands-on clinical experience. This program hones in on the development of crucial clinical skills, allowing you to dive deep into the world of healthcare.

Accelerated Learning

In just one week, you'll embark on an accelerated journey to acquire advanced clinical skills that are essential in healthcare settings. From mastering advanced airway techniques to fine-tuning your clinical decision-making abilities, this program is your fast track to becoming more confident and skilled in your journey toward becoming a healthcare professional.

Team-Based Clinical Practice

At SASI, we emphasize teamwork and collaboration. Throughout the program, you'll engage in clinical scenarios and work closely with your peers, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork. These immersive experiences will challenge your problem-solving abilities and prepare you for the real-life challenges of the healthcare field.

Your Path to Clinical Excellence

Discover the true essence of clinical practice and develop the skills that set you apart in the world of healthcare. The SASI Clinical Skills Immersion is your opportunity to refine your clinical expertise, make lasting connections with like-minded individuals, and take a significant step towards a future in medicine.


July 14 - July 18, 2025

This intensive one-week program delivers a focused clinical experience. Building on Foundations knowledge, practice advanced airway techniques, enhance patient-centered care understanding, and navigate complex scenarios with our experienced faculty.

  • Accelerated Learning
  • Specialized Skill Building
  • Expert-guided

Program tuition $3,975 for 2025. 
*On-campus housing is not included in program tuition. An additional activity fee for residential education is required for participants in on-campus housing and optional for commuting students.

Key Program Features

At SASI Foundations, we believe in learning by doing. Our program is designed to immerse you in real-world healthcare challenges, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to make a difference. Explore the key features that set our program apart:

  1. Accelerated Clinical Skill Development:
    In just one week, you'll delve into the world of clinical medicine, acquiring essential skills and knowledge. From advanced airway techniques to clinical decision-making, this program accelerates your learning, giving you a competitive edge in healthcare.
  2. Team-Based Clinical Scenarios:
    Experience the power of teamwork as you tackle real-life clinical scenarios. Work closely with your peers to diagnose and treat patients, fostering collaboration and enhancing your problem-solving abilities.
  3. Immersive Learning Environment:
    Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge simulation technology provide a realistic clinical setting. Practice in a safe, controlled environment that mimics real healthcare challenges, giving you the confidence to excel in clinical settings.
  4. Expert Faculty and Mentorship:
    Learn from experienced faculty who are experts in their fields. Receive guidance, insights, and mentorship to shape your journey in healthcare. Our mentors-in-residence, past program participants, provide peer support and valuable perspectives.
  5. Preparing for Your Healthcare Career:
    Gain a deep understanding of the clinical world and develop the skills that are essential for a successful healthcare career. Whether you're considering medicine, nursing, or another healthcare profession, this program provides a strong foundation.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Apply to SASI Clinical Skills today and be part of a community that's shaping the future of healthcare through hands-on learning and innovation.

Meaningful Career

“The program emphasized that there is a kind of symbiotic relationship between the patient and the provider,” he says. “It’s not the provider dictating what must be done to the patient … there is some back and forth.”


Curriculum Breakdown

Our one-week advanced clinical skills practice medical internships for high school students and premedical students is designed to allow motivated participants to explore future careers in health care through continued exposure to intensive and rigorous skill practice.

 Program participants in our advanced clinical skills practice internship will have the opportunity to practice airway management skills they learned in the Clinical Science, Technology and Medicine Summer Internship. Scaffolding on this knowledge, they will acquire skills in advanced airway techniques such as video-assisted laryngoscopy, and fiberoptic intubation practice. 

The SASI Foundations Journey: Essential Steps

Embark on a transformational voyage with SASI Foundations, where every moment is a step towards becoming a healthcare leader. From the excitement of applying to the program, to the friendships forged during your time on the Stanford campus, to the dynamic learning experiences in our classrooms and hands-on labs, this is a journey like no other. You'll explore cutting-edge technology, collaborate with peers from around the world, and gain insights from experienced mentors who are passionate about your success. Your journey extends beyond the program as you join a global community of SASI alumni. It's more than an educational experience; it's a life-changing adventure filled with excellence, innovation, inclusivity, and lifelong friendships. Start your SASI Foundations journey today and redefine your future in healthcare.

Journey to Medical School

"SASI reignited my passion for direct patient care as an anesthesiologist. Shadowing Stanford's anesthesiologists was pivotal."


Application Process

Are you ready to take the first step towards an exciting journey in healthcare leadership? Applying to SASI is straightforward, and we're here to guide you through the process. To make things even more transparent, we've included visuals that illustrate each step along the way. Let's get started:

Date Event

Unveiling SASI 2024: Your Path to Healthcare Excellence

Interested in learning more about the Application process and SASI program offerings?  Please register for our Opening of Applications Webinar via the Zoom link below.  We look forward to seeing you soon!  

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10/15/2024 Meet the Mentors-in-Residence: Your Guides to Success at SASI 2024
11/17/2023 Unlocking Success: Top Application Tips for SASI 2024
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1/12/2024 Unlocking Success: Top Application Tips for SASI 2024
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2/9/2024 Navigating Your SASI Application: Tips and Enrollment Insights
3/1/2024 Navigating Your SASI Application: Tips and Enrollment Insights
4/11/2024 Navigating Your SASI Application: Tips and Enrollment Insights
  • Applications Open: September 15th, 2023
  • SASI Dual Pathway: 
    June 24th-July 5th, 2024 and July 15th - July 19, 2024th
  • Session 1: June 24th-July 5th 2024
  • Session 2: July 29th - Aug 9th, 2024
  • Clinical Skills Medical Internship: July 15th - July 19th, 2024

Join the Journey

At SASI, every step is a stride toward greatness.

Inspired by past participants' dedication, it's your turn now. Shape healthcare's future with us. Apply today for a transformative journey of challenge, inspiration, and community. Ready to start? Let's go together.

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