Division of Global Health Equity

Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

Our Mission

The mission of the Stanford Anesthesia Division of Global Health Equity is to promote access to safe, high-quality perioperative care regardless of geographic location or economic circumstance. We are committed to addressing disparities in perioperative outcomes. Our core values include: 

  • Engaging in longitudinal and bidirectional partnerships to create sustainable solutions through education and capacity building for local anesthesia providers
  • Training future global health advocates to engage in ethical practices
  • Fostering scholarship and innovation to overcome disparities in patient care
  • Advocating for policies that prioritize anesthesiology as an essential component of healthcare systems

Our Vision

The Division of Global Health Equity envisions a world where all patients have access to safe perioperative care and healthcare disparities are eliminated. The vision includes:

  • Universal access to safe, effective, and affordable anesthetic services
  • Collaborations between organizations to empower local communities to deliver self-sufficient, sustainable, and culturally sensitive care
  • Innovations to improve patient safety and pain management outcomes
  • Healthcare policies to prioritize access to perioperative care to decrease morbidity and mortality associated with trauma, surgical and obstetric care

Global Health Equity Trainee Pathway

for Stanford residents and fellows

International Rotations

for Stanford faculty and trainees

Advanced Clinical Experience

Post-residency program

Global Health Visiting Observer Partnership

for international academic partners

Learning Resource Center

Open access online courses


Presentation and publications

Make a Gift

Your generous gift will go towards ​medical education, global health research, and quality improvement initiatives supporting our academic partnerships.  This includes trainee, faculty and fellow experiences working in and with different healthcare systems.

We believe "global" starts with our local communities, with disadvantaged US populations, and encompasses those across the planet facing barriers to quality healthcare access.  You deserve to know where your money goes.

If you have additional questions, please email anacrawford@stanford.edu or marteaga@stanford.edu.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others!

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